UPDATED EDITION Abuse Prevention Made Easy(er)

UPDATED EDITION Abuse Prevention Made Easy(er)

Physical and sexual abuse remains the #1 concern for organizations entrusted with the care and safety of children, youth and vulnerable adults.

But some think:

“Abuse Prevention is a lot of work!”

“We’re just a volunteer organization!”

“We trust our workers!”

“It’s too expensive!”

“Its unspiritual and legalistic!”

“We’ve never had an abuse claim!”

We know that abuse prevention measures including effective screening can be an ongoing challenge.

In a perfect world, we could trust everyone! But as we are all aware, it’s not a perfect, and a big part of the reason churches and Christian charities exist is to help make it better through ministry, compassion and faithful service to those most in need.

The safe care of vulnerable persons must remain a primary focus for organizations who serve them.

To help you, we’ve updated this newsletter to make Abuse Prevention policies, procedures and screening easier to understand, implement and maintain.

What’s inside the 2019 Edition. . . .

  • 7-Point Checklise for Abuse Prevention, FAQ’s and helpful hings to understand Criminal Record Check Options for initial checks and re-checks
  • Abuse Case Studies from Canadian churches and charities
  • Internal Audit tips to make sure your prevention plan is working and help your leaders stay out of court
  • Update on provincial Police Record Check Reform Act and Crimina Record Checks for under 18 minors
  • Resource Directory including sample prevention plans, training for workers, third party screening, books, publiciations and web links
  • Use this newsletter as your helpful guide in completing the Abuse Prevention Declaration to obtain insurance coverage!

And much, much more . . . .

For the full article, Church & Charity Protection Plus Members can access the information in the Ministry Leadership Resources – Click Here

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