A Letter of Congratulations to the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities 

A Letter of Congratulations to the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities 

A Letter of Congratulations to the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities, from an online Zoom meeting on October 1, 2020: 

Along with our entire team at Robertson Hall Insurance and Church and Charity Protection Plus, we are privileged to participate and celebrate today with the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities on their new name and re-branding, including the new CCCC Four Brand Promise of Professional, Knowledgeable, Accessible and Caring support for the charities they serve.

Of course any of us who already know the CCCC’s well, also know that their organization and its exceptional staff have already been delivering on those four promises for many decades.

It’s been our privilege at Robertson Hall Insurance to have worked with the CCCC’s for over 25 years.  Our association in serving the important Property and Liability insurance protection needs of CCCC’s member organizations, includes recognition through a premium discount under the CCCC Group General Insurance Plan of their members being “best in class”, pro-active well-informed churches and charities.

From the first day I met Frank Luella, Fred Coyle, Ron Knechtel, Dick Kranendonk and others, I was struck by both the commitment and professionalism of CCCC’s in equipping its members with the important resources and support needed to be fully informed and to be able to meet its mandate in its goal of promoting good stewardship and financial accountability for member churches and charities across Canada.

We’ve grown together in serving those great organizations, CCCC members, our clients, and we’ve learned together from each other in the midst of challenges and a changing social, regulatory and legal climate.

Our knowledge as insurance providers has been greatly enhanced by our relationship with the CCCC and its knowledgeable staff and board members over the years, including of course CEO John Pellowe, who I’ve come to know and appreciate as a quiet, stable and thoughtful leader who has helped guide the organization as it has adapted to meet the changing needs of faith charities in Canada.

In summary, I would like to express my appreciation, recognition and sincere encouragement to everyone at the CCCC’s, in the form of four “GOODS”.

The first is DOING GOOD. The organizations we serve together do an abundance of spiritual and material good work for the communities, congregations and constituencies they serve, in the many ways we know, and in millions of ways we’ll never know. The CCCC’s does the same in supporting and encouraging them to do that good work, with excellence and confidence.  Thank you!

The second is GOOD FAITH. Interestingly, the concept of “Utmost Good Faith” is a paramount principle in any insurance policy relationship between the insurer and policyholder, wherein there is an expectation of forthright honesty and integrity from each, and a promise by the insurer to be there when an organization needs to be made whole financially, whether after a total fire destroys a building, or in the midst of a multi-million dollar lawsuit. In the same way, the CCCC’s have a good faith relationship with the charities they serve in their ongoing promise to give them the facts, information and resources that they can trust; to be their advocates; and to give them practical advice when they need it most, whether proactively or in a crisis.

The third is GOOD WILL. Through the many conversations with our client organization board members, ministers and executive leaders, and with our broker representatives across Canada, I want to emphasize in what high esteem they hold  the CCCC’s organization and its staff as an independent, objective and reliable source of information and advice. Many times I’ve been in a room with individuals from charities who have been discussing an important matter and the conversation has concluded with either “well, the CCCC’s says this”, or “you should call the CCCC’s”, as the definitive source.  And “if you’re not a member, you should be!”  Good Will is an important and valuable asset for any business. And it is a priceless quality of the CCCC organization, one that is admired and appreciated by the its members and so many others in the charitable sector across Canada.

And the fourth and final one, GOOD JOB!  CCCC, its board and staff should take a well-deserved bow and healthy pride in their achievements, especially today during this celebration of their rebranding and their recommitment to all of those qualities embodied in the Four Brand Pillar promise that they have become known for over so many years in the eyes of those they serve.

Congratulations to all, this is an exciting day and we look forward to the privilege of many more years of association with the Canadian Centre of Christian Charities for the benefit of the charities we serve together.

I encourage you to check out the Canadian Centre of Christian Charites re-brand webpage to see the new look and member friendly features and services, including their Training Centre and The Green, an online community of leaders sharing resources   – Click Here.

Sincerely yours,

Kenneth A. Hall, President 

Kenneth A. Hall, B.A. (Hons), R.F. is the President of Robertson Hall Insurance Inc. Ken specializes in customized insurance and risk management advise for over 7,000 churches and charities across Canada with the Church and Charity Protection Plus program. To find out more about Ken and the team click here. To find out more about Church and Charity Protection Plus click here

If you are a member of the Canadian Centre of Christian Charities and would like to obtain a quote through Church & Charity Protection Plus Policy through our office, please contact us for more information at 1-800-640-0933 or churchprotectionplus@robertsonhall.com

The Canadian Council of Christian Charities website can be reached via this link – www.cccc.org 


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