Insurance Coverage

Robertson Hall Insurance has “set the standard” of property and liability insurance protection for churches and Christian charities since 1972.

Our Church Protection Plus program is a stable source of insurance that offers unique and important liability coverage advantages.

The broad scope of coverage available exclusively through Church Protection Plus is unmatched by any other insurer in Canada.

Church Protection Plus Highlights include:

  • Broad form replacement cost coverage for your buildings and contents including our optional Agreed Value Clause

  • Flood, earthquake and sewer backup coverage

  • Money, offerings and donations covered on-premises and off-premises

  • Comprehensive general liability protection for all premises and sponsored activities, events and programs including:
    ✓ Worldwide territory for liability claims
    ✓ Liability protection for your members, employees, volunteers and board members
    ✓ Full occurrence form liability protection for actual or alleged physical and sexual abuse claims
    ✓ “Blanket” coverage for counselling services

  • Non-profit directors and officers liability

  • Compensatory, Punitive, Aggravated and Exemplary Damages (Covers All civil Awards Insurable By Law)
  • Legal Fees and Defense Costs in Excess of Policy Limits

    Plus Exclusive Coverage Options

    Coverage Options Newsletter (PDF)