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Full Insurance Policy Review

One of the primary responsibilities of board members and trustees is to arrange adequate insurance coverage on behalf of their organization. Properly understanding the various types of coverage available to your church or charity is not only crucial for your own personal financial protection, but also for the benefit of all the individuals and stakeholders in your organization who depend on your insurance purchasing decision for their protection, including other directors, officers, trustees, members, employees and volunteers.

When you request an insurance review from Robertson Hall it comes complete with the following value-added advantages to assist your board members and leaders in obtaining the right insurance protection for your organization:

  • Professional written evaluation of your insurance requirements including recommended coverage options and comparisons with your present policy

  • Risk management recommendations

  • Safety inspection and loss control recommendations by qualified engineers

  • Webinars, group seminars, and workshops on liability and insurance issues affecting

    charities and their leaders

  • Risk management resources including our exclusive Facing the Risk Checklist,

    Abuse Prevention Newsletter and articles of interest on a variety of current topics affecting Christian Charities in Canada