What We Do

More than an insurance policy…

Each and every week, our professional and friendly customer service representatives help hundreds of organizations with their insurance and risk management needs by:

  • helping Trustees to evaluate and protect charitable assets,

  • educating directors and officers about their fiduciary duties and legal responsibilities,

  • arranging safety inspections of premises to prevent injury to employees, members and visitors,

  • giving advice about operating sports and recreational activities,

  • guiding youth and children’s ministry organizations in implementing and maintaining effective prevention plans to reduce the risk of physical and sexual abuse and to avoid false allegations against children’s workers,

  • recommending guidelines to avoid unnecessary legal liability for the negligence of outside parties using or renting your facilities.

    We work diligently with your organization and leaders to reduce preventable and foreseeable risk so that you can focus on what’s important to you … your ministries, programs and charitable Christian purpose.