Snow Plowing and Ice Removal

Snow Plowing and Ice Removal

Robertson Hall Insurance and its Church & Charity service brokers want to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of snow and ice removal during the winter season, to prevent slip and fall injuries to your members, staff and visitors caused by icy or snow-covered sidewalks and parking lots.


These types of injuries can be relatively minor, they can involve more serious fractures and concussions, or can even be life-threatening, extremely costly, and result in lawsuits that can drag through courts for years, such as was the case with a recent $3,400,000 civil liability settlement involving an injury to an adult woman who suffered head injury trauma and resulting stroke from the fall.


Injuries caused by winter weather conditions are often entirely preventable if you plan ahead. We highly recommend you work with a local professional snow plowing contractor you contract with to remove accumulated snow and ice ahead of scheduled services, programs, and events, including those operated by outside organizations renting your premises.


To assist you we have a new One-Minute Insurance Manager newsletter for review by your board, trustees or administrator which contains our best practices recommendations based on many years of experience – and many lawsuits – against our church organization clients across Canada.





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