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*NEW* Are You Really Covered: Tips From Over 10,000 Insurance Claims

It's probably sage to say that most consumers don't read the fine print of their home, auto, business or organization's insurance policy. Reading an insurance policy, event one written in plan-language, is a daunting task for anyone! However a lack of basic insurance knowledge can cause serious gaps in important protection when choosing an insurance provider, policy and coverage options.  What if your organization could have the benefit of experience from over 10,000 claims at other churches and Christian charities? What [...]

NEW The Advantage Newsletter: The Canadian Refugee Sponsorship Immigration Program

Canadian not-for-profit and charitable organizations have been instrumental in assisting and sponsoring refugees to get to Canada for many decades. The Private Sponsorship and Refugees (PSR) Program through an act of the Federal Government. A key objective of the PSR Program was to increase Canada's capacity to resettle refugees by engaging additional stakeholders, including through Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) organizations who were experience and capable of providing needed support services in local communities. As authorized and approved by Citizen [...]